ethmsm3sep1Forget Winnetou! Going beyond native stereotype in Germany is a documentary film project by Red Haircrow about the image of, stereotypes about, and racism against Native Americans in Germany. The hour-long film is scheduled for release in 2018. The website already contains interesting links and texts on the subject.

“We understand Winnetou as a symbolic character, an exemplary story of how stereotypes about Native Americans reinforce racism and colonialism. Here the attitude becomes visible that Europeans, in order to satisfy their own fantasies, can take anything and anyone, even people still living today, and misinterpret and misrepresent them. Instead of breaking the cycle of genocide and cultural genocide, they perpetuate it. Instead of recognizing the identities, cultures, and traditions of Native Americans, they are erased, trivialized, and violated. All this must stop! In our film, we show the negative impact this has had on Native Americans in the past and continues to have currently, as well as how Natives have resisted and continue to resist it. We focus on the experiences and lives of Native Americans living in Germany. Our documentary offers an opportunity to unlearn and relearn to those who are willing to admit new perspectives and attitudes and move beyond stereotyping of Native Americans. For the good of us all.”

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