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The digital archive aims to make visible the arts and cultures of the Sinti and Roma in Europe – and thereby illustrate their “contribution to European cultural history”.

Here the name says it all – this flickr blog collects political posters (whose designers are politically “left-wing”).

The starting point for the project “(De-)colonial Images” by ISD (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland e.V.) and glokal e.V. is the development-political donation advertising, which shapes the consciousness of the viewer through its placement in public space and in the media.

Forensic Architecture is a research agency that works internationally on various forms of violent crime, human rights violations and armed conflicts.


The Israeli dance and performance group has been working on social practices, domination and representation in public space since 2006.

Colonialism, space, post-racist future: Simone Dede Ayivi’s performance in Berlin’s Sopiehensälen tells at the same time about today, about the past and about another tomorrow, because: “It’s hard to stop rebels that time travels”.

This independent online portal focuses on the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The explicit goal here is to produce reporting that reflects a broad spectrum of opinions and thus takes on perspectives that are rarely if ever represented by large Western media companies.

In this English-language video, central theories of the literary scholar Edward Said on colonial foreign representation of the so-called “Orient” by the “West” (“Orientalism”) are explained and compared with today’s forms of cultural representation and media reporting.

Forget Winnetou! Going beyond native stereotype in Germany is a documentary film project by Red Haircrow about the image…