Colonialism, space, post-racist future: Simone Dede Ayivi ‘s performance in Berlin’s Sopiehensälen tells at the same time about today, about the past and about another tomorrow, because:
“It’s hard to stop rebels that time travel.”

She writes about her piece:
“Black female role models have never been scarce – just underrepresented. And early on, they were drawn to space: Lieutenant Uhura on the Enterprise and, almost 30 years later, Mae C. Jemison on the space shuttle Endeavour. A fictional and a real person whose achievements are closely linked, because we will always get only the future we dare to dream.

“First Black Woman in Space” is a feminist, Afrofuturist project dedicated to African and Afrodiasporic history and the contemporary situation of Black women and women of color. We tell stories of liberation struggles and empowerment.”


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