Gipsy Mafia are the two rappers Skill and Buddy from Zrenjanin, Serbia. From their perspective as Rromn*ja, they speak in their texts (see below for translations into German) about the corrupt politics and racist society in Serbia and clearly position themselves against nationalism and fascism.

For more on Gipsy Mafia, see the following article published in Junge Welt:

From: junge Welt, 10.04.2015, p. 10
From: junge Welt, 10.04.2015, p. 10








Gipsy Mafia were kind enough to translate some of their lyrics for mangoes & bullets into German:



We are just buying and buying like crazy

Although the money for it is missing, but so are the people just

And then you want the new Nikes because everyone has them now

But fuck that a kid somewhere slaves for it

Houses, expensive cars, you have everything you want

But still you do not have enough, because you can never have too much

In a state where people are struggling to survive

For others, it is more important that Belgrade is under water

We take out loans because we always want more

But only the banks profit in this shitty system

Television wants to tell us what we should and should not eat

Because advertising is quite enough to turn people into zombies

McDonalds, Coca Cola, we’re just puppets now

Because they know better what is good for us

TV Pink and lightning fuck our brain

And we blindly believe them without asking for evidence


Everyone wants expensive cars and a 3-story house

Borrow on only 80 installments

I can proudly say that I do not need all this

And therefore shout loudly anti-capitalista

(repeated 2 times)


Ava Kari

When I say “Sukar Dive” that means good day

So don’t look at me so stupid, but say “Sar Sian”.

That is How are you and is not bad at all

“Kur Tut” means fuck you, that sounds more evil already

“Phrala” means brother, and so are we all

“Phene” means sister and now you know about it

“Na Mangava” means I do not want, “Racate” means night

“Mangava” means I love, but also I would like to

“Pankerija” are punkers, “Skinerija” are the fascos

Unfortunately, most of the Roma can not yet distinguish this

“Kaljardo” is the bull, and he doesn’t like us very much

Therefore the middle finger means the same as with you also

“Pandipe” means jail, and counts quite a few victims

Freedom is a nice word, but it doesn’t exist in Romanes

The war is only described, we do not have a word

But that’s why there’s a word you all know


If you need help, just say AVA KARI

When drinking and partying, shout loud AVA KARI

If a problem is bothering you, just say AVA KARI



Fuck The Police

Every time the same shit, I can not believe it again

I’m waiting for a friend on the corner, for them I’m a dealer right away.

Although I’m not standing there alone, there are still a few guys standing nearby

But that’s how it is, if you are a little darker it pokes their eyes out

And then it starts like every time: “Hand over your “ID””.

Don’t even look at it, but say they were looking for me exactly

And then they go on to lie that I did this and that

I am calm and serene because I know the shit for a long time

After that the question what I do in this part of the city

“Shouldn’t you be home in your gypsy mahala right now”.

Although he does not even know my name, let alone where I live

The ID card still in hand, and not even looked at it

“Empty your pockets, let’s see what you’ve got”.

And of course there is nothing in there, but that upsets them even more now

Then he asks me if I know certain names

And I should watch what I do, because they always know everything

And this is how it goes almost every fucking day, no matter if we are several or all alone

And that is why I write these lines from the bottom of my heart

Now all raise your middle finger and shout fuck the police


When you see the blue cop pigs, yell FUCK THE POLICE

If the cop hits you again, yell FUCK THE POLICE

Raise your middle finger and shout, FUCK THE POLICE





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