“The brochure is about the following topics: Project i-Päd, identity, intersectionality, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, interphobia, racism, anti-Muslim racism, anti-Semitism, racism against Rom_nj_a, classism, Ableism, ageism, adultism (discrimination against children and young people), lookism. Educators, social workers and activists who work with children and young people have their say. They report from practice how they are confronted with the topic of “difference” and how they deal with it. Two teachers who attended our workshops with their groups of students talk about their experience with the project. In the glossary you can look up all the terms that we find important and worth explaining for the topic.” (see announcement on the Project website)

The complete brochure is available for download here.

Initiative Intersektionale Pädagogik und GLADT e.V.2014: Intersektionale Pädagogik. Handout for social workers, teachers and those who want to become one. A contribution to inclusive pedagogical practice , prejudice-conscious education and upbringing.

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