dummyIn the summer of 2015, the Institute for Postcolonial Studies was founded at the University of Frankfurt by students, researchers and interested parties of the “Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies” (FRCPS).

The institution sees itself as a continuation and further development of the FRCPS, whose main task was to anchor postcolonial theory in the higher education landscape and to bring critical theories that are not Eurocentric into focus. With the departure of Prof. Dr. Nikita Dhawan, the FRCPS came to its formal end.

On the agenda of the “Institute for Postcolonial Studies” is now the implementation of reading circles, autonomous tutorials, critical workshops, the development of a blog and the concrete organization of resistance and activist counter-publicity through anti-racist sticker and poster actions.

The Institute’s website provides further information on the Institute’s projects and plans.

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