dummyThe KiDs edition Children’s Songs for All from the Institute for the Situational Approach (ISTA) offers suggestions for discrimination-sensitive practice in dealing with children’s songs.

In the description of the publication, the authors point out the great potential and real dangers contained in children’s songs.

“Children’s songs have it all: they promote musicality and language development, they can be persistent catchy tunes, they are fun and strengthen the group feeling. And they contain messages about the world and about what is considered “normal” – or not. In this capacity, they can help broaden or narrow horizons, teach correct or incorrect knowledge, empower or exclude children.” Brochure description of ISTA

This issue of “KiDs aktuell” draws attention to the hidden messages of some common children’s songs and is intended to whet the appetite for a voyage of discovery through the wide range of alternatives.

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