Noah Sow is. Artist, musician, writer, producer, lecturer, media practitioner, theorist, activist, motivational speaker. Her areas of focus are: Art, critical media analysis, constructions of normality, and analysis and practices of anti-racism and decolonization. (Self-description by Noah Sow on her blog).

On the website she writes, among other things, about racism-critical work and strategies for resistance and empowerment by and for people affected by racism.

One of her more recent blog postsis about writing her book “Germany Black and White” as a ploy: “A core component of racism is that it creates a system in which those who are oppressed are encouraged to patiently explain the phenomenon to those who benefit from that oppression. If we do, all our energy is tied up and we work on other people’s deficits. If we do not explain, we will be held causally partly responsible for the continuation of the oppression. It is an arrest in which we have nothing to gain. One of my motives for writing “Germany Black and White” back then was to break out of it.”

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