“The actors of the NSU complex are indicted along with their institutional embedding. The victims of racist violence and the resulting suffering are lamented. The principle of an open society of the many, created through migration, is being sued.”(NSU Tribunal, self-description)

The idea of a tribunal was developed by initiatives and individuals in solidarity with those affected by the NSU murder and attack series. We are still far from the promised ‘complete clarification’ in the NSU trial. The Tribunal is intended to fill this void. In this context, the NSU complex is seen as a crystallization point of structural racism. The Tribunal is a place for the social denunciation of racism. The focus is on the reports of those affected and their relatives. It is necessary to hear and understand their story.

“We charge! […] In the name of enlightenment, in the name of justice, in the name of the victims and their relatives.

This indictment is the result of our efforts to make the NSU complex and its actors visible. It is in deliberate contradiction to the criminal charges of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, which downplay the NSU as the work of a few. […]

Our indictment is not a conclusion, but a beginning. We call on the public to continue this indictment, to stand up for further clarification and to formulate demands. In this sense, our indictment is not to be understood as legal, but as political. It is a necessary intervention that must be supported by many. Our indictment belongs to you.” (NSU Tribunal, Self Description)
Full indictment

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