The Refugee Radio Network (RRN) is an online radio program by refugees. Under the motto “Empowering people and connecting cultures”. the station makes the voices of refugees and migrants heard. The online program, which is being designed in Hamburg, is primarily – but not exclusively – aimed at refugees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The station is part of the independent Refugee Radio Awareness Network project, which promotes human rights and development.
The aim of the radio program is to promote peace and human dignity: “Information should help people to defend themselves against discrimination, as well as to claim their rights. The aim is not to accuse, but to make contributions to positive, political change.” (Objectives RRN).

Selected interviews on the topics of flight, asylum, resistance, art, music and politics broadcast by the independent Refugee Radio Network can be listened to on Audioboom. Audioboom is a platform that streams spoken-word content on a wide range of current topics.

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