WhatTRIBEProject ist eine kunstbasierte Kampagne, negative Native American Stereotype in den Medien zu diskutieren. Es wurde von Douglas Miles (Apache Skateboards) und Amanda Williams (Native Student Alliance/University of Denver) ins Leben gerufen, aber umfasst viele Schriftsteller*innen, Dichter*innen, Aktivist*innen, Künstler*innen und andere. WhatTRIBEProject arbeitet daran, alle rassistischen Stereotype aus der Popkultur zu beseitigen.

“The WHAT TRIBE project aims to provoke creativity not controversy, discussion not discrimination, and awareness not apathy. The reason being negative stereotypical, racist images of Native Americans (and other people of color) are now somewhat considered en vogue and might even go as far as to say fashionable. We would like to see these racist images eradicated from the American pop culture visual landscape. The WHAT TRIBE project, uses photography, art, web media, film, and any means necessary to bring about a positive change for the future.”

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