The international online database for female, transgender and non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, journalists, researchers and facilitators in the field of electronic music and digital arts exists since 1998 and was founded by the Viennese Electric Indigo .

“female:pressure emphasizes the usefulness and necessity of networking and communication in the scene and serves as a platform for representation to the ‘outside’. A standard is established here that can be referenced and that all interested parties can use as a source of information at any time. The database is searchable by region, country, style, profession and name. So it is possible to get information about certain female artists or just have a look who is doing what and where. All members listed on female:pressure can log in and update their individual data set via a web interface. This increases the likelihood of being up to date with information.”

Tracks, sets and talks around the network can be heard here. also runs a two-hour show hosted by Yeşim Duman once a month, featuring mixes from various DJs on the network.


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