These “Suggestions for educational work critical of racism on global issues” are divided into three parts. Part A addresses the issue of racism and culture in global learning. In Part B, the topic of racism in educational work is explored in greater depth. Part C, on the one hand, takes a closer look at six exercises, and on the other hand, various exercises on the topic of culturalization and racism are described in detail.

The booklet represents an attempt to take up the critical debates in development education work and to translate them into methods. For the most part, this has also worked out well. However, there are also exercises such as “Albatros or Alex and Luca” which, despite a detailed and critical evaluation, can consolidate stereotypes rather than break them down. But the conclusion of the brochure sums it up: There are “no easy solutions” and methods are not everything.

!ebasa 2014: Solidarity Global Learning. Suggestions for educational work critical of racism on global issues. Mainz: ebasa.


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