In his study published in 2017, the music sociologist Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt examines techniques and technologies of judging – using the example of miking in the so-called NSU trial at the Munich Higher Regional Court.

The report has been published on the website of the Center for Educational Integration (ZBI) of the University of Hildesheim and can be downloaded there free of charge. The brief text of the study states about the research approach:

“By the technical structure, the wiring and the switching possibilities, i.e. the organization of the sound pressure conversion, speaking and listening orders as well as positions of power can be recognized – and these are contested.”

Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt 2017: Directional Microphones. Expert opinion on questions of possible “sonic segregation” in the so-called NSU trial. Hildesheim: Center for Educational Integration at the University of Hildesheim,, 03.12.2017.

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