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Berlin-Mitte. Some of those present wear beige trench coats, floppy hats, mirrored sunglasses. In the entrance area of the Maritim Hotel: light blue garbage bags filled with shredded files.

Founded in 1994 by artists and activists in Los Angeles/USA, the collective uses sound art, sound and listening as a strategy for political action. Topics of the internationally active network include migration, racism, urban development and HIV/AIDS.

Japanese and US-American rhythm machines of the 50s and 60s, products of the so-called “China trade” or the colonial phantasm of a railroad line between Hamburg and Baghdad – these are only three examples of discourses, things and narratives that the “Museum of our Transcultural Present” gathers in an exhibition and tries to relate to each other.


“Come out now!” is the programmatic motto of the 1st Roma Biennale.


The art project, launched in 2001, described itself as a “federal association” and thus as a representation of the interests of companies specializing in services related to “undocumented cross-border passenger traffic”.


The Israeli dance and performance group has been working on social practices, domination and representation in public space since 2006.

Colonialism, space, post-racist future: Simone Dede Ayivi’s performance in Berlin’s Sopiehensälen tells at the same time about today, about the past and about another tomorrow, because: “It’s hard to stop rebels that time travels”.


The series of talks curated by Grada Kilomba invited refugee artists to the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin between 2015 and 2017. The focus of the 13 talks was the question of how systems of knowledge and representation can be artistically and politically transformed, de-colonized, rewritten.

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