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The volume “Decolonize the City!” focuses on the everyday life of migrants and people of color and their struggles in the postcolonial city.

Some five years after the discovery of the NSU, the events surrounding the NSU complex have still not been comprehensively clarified. Scientific analysis is also still in its infancy. In the volume, innovative concepts and international perspectives on the study of the complex are presented and bundled.

In the volume by Florian Fischer and Nenad Čupić it is shown that the genocides for which Germany was responsible did not occur only in the middle of the 20th century, but are connected with 500 years of European expansion and exploitation.

“Few issues are discussed with more passion in Europe than that of refugees. But the affected people themselves do not participate. Where do they actually come from? What was their everyday life like, their life between home, work, family, friends and neighbors?

The volume “Wir sind Heldinnen!” (We are heroines!) of the svk – self-defense course with words has been published by the w_orten und meer publishing house. “the stories in the volume “Wir sind Heldinnen!” (We are heroines!) unfold from the everyday life and imagination of the 10 young female authors.

From Syria with Love is a project created by Rawda Abdel Kafi Mazloum and Baraa Ehsan Kouja. The founder and the founder come from Syria and are currently living in exile.

Since the end of 2016, the multiple award-winning novel “Riwan oder der Sandweg” by Senegalese author Ken Bugul has also been available in German.

It is a stubborn and uncomfortable protagonist who leads the reader as a first-person narrator through NoViolet Bulawayo’s novel “We Need New Names” and thus through the postcolonial realities of the world at the beginning of the 21st century.

“The NSU murders were followed by a racist media controversy and one-sided, discriminatory investigative work. The play ‘Judgments’ by Christine Umpfenbach and Azar Mortazavi […] counters this racism with the perspective of those left behind.”

In the third volume of the border regime series, the authors deal with ongoing migration to Europe as well as with policies of control and regulation in about 20 contributions. The focus is on the struggles of refugees and activists in the summer of 2015 in different places.