mangoes & bullets is for anyone who wants to engage with racism and other relations of domination, seeking inspiration for resistance and alternatives. Here you will find, among other things, films, songs and poems, but also information about campaigns and political activism. These materials challenge injustice from different perspectives and in different ways.

about mangoes & bullets // a cerca de mangoes-bullets

Hamburg-Billbrook, Halskestraße 72. It is the night of August 22, 1980. Two members of the terrorist and right-wing extremist organization “Deutsche Aktionsgruppe” carry out a brutal arson attack on a refugee shelter where 240 people are living at the time.

The development policy network for women’s rights and feminist perspectives works on the topic of “Gender & Development” and is based in Vienna.

The information portal for multipliers in (extra-)school education and other interested persons gathers a variety of information.

The “Fachstelle für Radikalisierungsprävention und Engagement im Naturschutz (FARN)” investigates the historical and current links of German nature and environmental protection with extreme right-wing and völkisch currents.

Bambyle is the title of a 2018 radio play that takes an artistic-documentary approach to the process of creating the 1970 television play “Bambule” and the life of Ulrike Meinhoff.

This website aims to inform and connect actors who are engaged against privatization, gentrification and demolition policies in the urban area of Berlin.


The radio feature from the series “Zündfunk Generator” deals with new and old strategies of (extreme) right-wing groups (“Alt-Right”) in the USA – in the context of popular culture, pop music and (political) provocation.

This wiki attempts to map the broad political landscape of antifeminism and thus make visible networks of reactionary actors and anti-human argumentation.